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  • We elevate


     with all students!

    Welcome • 歡迎光臨 • Bienvenida • أهلاً و سهلاً • Bem-Vindo students, parents, families, educators, school leaders, community and business partners to our learning organization. Let's elevate opportunities to achieve together. We are Tobin Tigers!

    - Efrain Toledano, Principal ☯ John Holly, D.I. ☮ Courtney Maginnis, C.F.C.

  • Let's expand

     growth and

     achieve higher!

    Welcome • 歡迎光臨 • Bienvenida • أهلاً و سهلاً • Bem-Vindo students and families to a new and exciting academic year at the Tobin K-8 school. Let us read, sing, reflect, speak, dance, design, listen, compute, write, laugh, code and learn. Let's embark on a future of growth!

    - John Holly, D.I. ☮ Courtney Maginnis, C.F.C. ☯ Efrain Toledano, Principal

  • We work and smile


     that's our style!

    Welcome • 歡迎光臨 • Bienvenida • أهلاً و سهلاً • Bem-Vindo to our parents, grandparents, guardians, community partners and most of all our students. We are collectively excited to elevate learning with you!

    - Courtney Maginnis, C.F.C. ☮ John Holly, D.I. ☯ Efrain Toledano, Principal

    Rolodex K-8
  •      Let's curate

     opportunity in


              Tobin Tigers!

    Tobin K-8

Tobin Calendar

View the Tobin Calendar for school events, field trip dates, progress reporting time, report card schedules, assessment periods, holidays and other important information.

Online Handbook

Go to the Tobin Handbook to access a catalog of information organized in TABS including: About Us | Affinity | CPT Toolbox | LAT/RETELL | SST | Conduct | Assessment | Protocols/Forms | Reports and BPS Circulars.

wePlan Curriculum

View the wePlan to access curriculum planning resources in ELA/Lit, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and the ARTS. Resources are dynamic and support learning of the Common Core and the ARTS.

ILT, CPT, TFT, Google Drive

Access the Google drive directory including ILT, CPT and TFT folders with subdirectories for each Platoon K, Platoon 1, Platoon 1/2 SEI, Platoon 3/4, Platoon 5/6, Platoon 7/8. Each Platoon folder includes: Roles Rotation Sheet, Agenda Templates and Tools Folder.

BPS Inquiry Resources

Login to BPS Inquiry providing step-specific ready-to-use agendas and materials, tools for ILTs, artifacts and stories from schools that have completed inquiry cycles, videos, and more.

BPS.Solutions Support

Go to for access to pertinent BPS and DESE resources and BPS local, mainstream media and national news. Content updated daily!

Our Guiding Values Continua our precious students

Our Guiding Values Continua include:
1. Empathy ↔ Kindness (Do unto others as you would have them do onto you)
2. Hard-working/Work ethic that values practice ↔ Getting smart
3. Self-regulation/self-reflection ↔ Owning mistakes/fixing them ↔ Responsibility
4. Education ↔ Knowledge ↔ Activism ↔ Change (Si se puede!)
5. Tolerance ↔ Acceptance

At the core of a healthy school community there are values that all members of the community are held to. It is our belief that these values fall on a continua that will challenge all members to keep getting better in their living up to these values. Our goal is that these values will become a part of all of our students' and adults' character and that as a result of this the members of the Tobin school community will help in making the world a better place. Let's elevate opportunities to learn together! We are Team Tobin!

Climate Plan Community
Boston Bridge to Excellence Dejon Rice

Our Learning Community  (K2 Students Apple Picking 2016 ↔)

K2 educators Ms. Robinson and Ms. Alonzo join with parents and K2 students for a day at the Honey Hill Apple Orchard" ~ Tobin Community Partnerships

Witness the happiness, smiles and wonder of our K2 Tobin students, families and teachers picking apples and making applesauce too!

Our Learning Community  (Martellus Bennett Reads with Children 2016 ↔)

Martellus Bennett reads his children’s book “Hey A.J. It's Saturday!” with Tobin students" ~ Tobin Community Partnerships

Witness Martellus Bennett with Tobin students, teachers, Principal Toledano, Boston Chief of Education Rahn Dorsey, BPS Leadership Alexandra Montes McNeil, Norman Townsend and Read to a Child CEO Paul Lamoureux to highlight the importance of reading and mentoring!

Our Learning Community  (Fall Cleanup Day 2016 ↔)

Our "students are the leaders, scholars, entrepreneurs, advocates and innovators of tomorrow" ~ BPS Instructional Vision

Witness children at the Tobin in community service during our Fall Cleanup day with family, educators, staff and partners!

Our Learning Community  (Super Lunch Hero | Moving-up | Field Day ↔)

Our "students are the leaders, scholars, entrepreneurs, advocates and innovators of tomorrow" ~ BPS Instructional Vision

Witness the joy of children at the Tobin helping others, offering service, engaging in play and having fun!

Our Learning Community  (Caps for Kids Day sponsored by Brigham & Womens ↔)

"Healthy and supportive schools prepare all students to learn and thrive." ~ Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

The joy of generations coming together at the Tobin sharing the wonder of a child ~ a gift to us all!

Our Learning Community  (Spring Clean-up Day, BBE Food market ↔)

Our "students are the leaders, scholars, entrepreneurs, advocates and innovators of tomorrow" ~ BPS Instructional Vision

Witness children at the Tobin helping others, offering service, engaging in play and having fun!

Brigham and Womens Hospital
Sociedad Latina
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Boston Bridge to Excellence
Boston Community Youth Families
Central Reform Temple
Big Brother Big Sister
Home for Little Wanders
Bell Program
Open Circle
Childrens Hospital

Our Leadership Team inclusive of school administrators, teacher facilitators, new teacher developers, and coaching staff (scroll right ☞)

Our Mission • Vision • Guiding Values and Tobin Way