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The CCSS ELA/Literacy videos are designed to start a conversation about implementing the Common Core for ELA/Literacy in schools and classrooms. David Coleman (contributing author to the Common Core) and Kate Gerson (a Sr. Fellow with the Regents Research Fund), along with NY Education Commissioner John King, explain key aspects of Common Core standards in depth.

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Videos: CCSS ELA/Literacy 1 | CCSS ELA/Literacy 2 | CCSS Shift 1 | CCSS Shift 2 | CCSS Shift 3 | CCSS Shift 4 | CCSS Shift 5 | CCSS Shift 6 |

CCSS In ELA/Literacy: An Overview This 14-minute video provides an overview of the Common Core State Standards in ELA/Literacy. NYS Commissioner of Education John King and contributing author David Coleman discuss the background of the Common Core State Standards, their value in the state, the principles of their development, and the changes required of schools during this transition.
CCSS In ELA/Literacy: Getting Started This 27-minute video frames the opportunities for educators to work with and apply The Common Core State Standards to help ensure students successful content mastery in multiple areas of study.
CCSS Shift 1, PK-5: Balancing Informational Text And Literature This is a 10 minute video which features a discussion addressing Shift 1: PK-5: Balancing Informational Text and Literature.
CCSS: Shift 2, 6-12: Building Knowledge in the Disciplines This is an 8 minute video addressing Shift 2: 6-12: Building Knowledge in the Disciplines.
CCSS: Shift 3, Staircase of Complexity This is a 15 minute video which features a discussion addressing Shift 3: Staircase of Complexity.
CCSS: Shift 4, Text Based Answers This is an 11 minute video addressing Shift 4: Text Based Answers.
CCSS: Shift 5, Writing from Sources This is a 12 minute video which features a discussion addressing Shift 5: Writing from Sources.
CCSS: Shift 6, Academic Vocabulary This is a 6 minute video addressing Shift 6: Academic Vocabulary.