How Much Is Boston University Graduate School Cost?

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is a prestigious institution in the arts and sciences field.

Tuition $58,560
Fees $838
Other Expenses
Books Supplies (estimated) $1,264
Room Board (most plans) $14,590

What does Boston College provide in terms of compensation?

  • To attend Boston College on a full-time basis in 2018/2019, the yearly list fee is $75,886 for all students, regardless of where they live in the United States. $56,780 is allocated to tuition, $14,826 to room and board, $1,250 is allocated to books and supplies, and $1,130 is allocated to miscellaneous expenses.

How much is graduate tuition at Boston College?

The undergraduate tuition and fees at Boston College are $60,202 for the academic year 2020-2021, according to their website. There are $31,930 in tuition and expenses for graduate school.

How much does Boston University cost?

Regardless of where you live, the yearly list fee to attend Boston University on a full-time basis for the 2018/2019 academic year is $75,002. This charge is made up of the following components: $54,720 for tuition, $16,160 for housing and board, $1,000 for books and supplies, and $1,172 for other expenses.

What GPA is required for Boston College?

Boston College expects you to be at the top of your class if you have a 3.96 grade point average. In order to compete with other candidates, you’ll need practically straight A’s in all of your classes. You should also have completed a significant number of AP or IB courses to demonstrate your capacity to succeed in a demanding academic environment.

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What is BC acceptance rate?

Is Boston College a member of the Ivy League? Boston College is not an official Ivy League institution, despite the fact that it possesses many of the characteristics that we associate with Ivy League schools. Cornell, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Upenn, and Columbia are the only official Ivy League colleges, with the others being Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Upenn, and Columbia.

What is Boston University known for?

For a variety of reasons, Boston University is regarded as one of the world’s top institutions. There are several things that BU is renowned for. Its alumni, a huge variety of various study programs, its Law school, Economics college, and Medicine college, as well as research labs and programs, are just a few of the highlights.

What is the most expensive college in the United States?

Scripps Institution was the most expensive college in the United States for out-of-state students in the school year 2020-2021, with a total yearly cost of 77,696 U.S. dollars for the academic year 2020-2021. The total cost includes tuition and fees, as well as housing and board.

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