Where Do I Submit My Final High School Transcript To Boston College? (TOP 5 Tips)

Transcripts Are Being Accepted (s) This transcript must be provided by your high school and can either be submitted online at commonapp.org or sent to the Common Application office (see below for address). Attention students: Please be advised that we will not accept any academic certificates from them.
The procedure for requesting an unofficial transcript from Boston College is as follows:

  • Unofficial transcripts are not permitted to be provided electronically by Boston College to the record holder or to any third-party. If you have any more questions, please contact the Office of Student Services. When seeking transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse, students must have their Eagle ID number on hand.

Where do I send my transcript to BU?

For admission consideration, we require certified transcripts from your principal undergraduate university, as well as from any additional institution where you earned 12 or more credits during your undergraduate career. Please request that these official transcripts be mailed directly to us by the respective registrar’s office, or that electronic copies be sent to [email protected], as applicable.

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Does Boston College accept electronic transcripts?

For the transmission of genuine Boston College transcripts, the National Student Clearinghouse (NSCH) is the only vendor recognized by the college. You can order transcripts to be sent electronically or on paper, either via regular or express mail, at your convenience. Requests for electronic transcripts and print transcripts will be completed within 1–3 business days.

Where do I send my college report to Boston College?

Personal Statement for Boston College is required. The Boston College Personal Statement must be submitted with your application to Boston College at www.commonapp.org. The Boston College Personal Statement may be found here.

How many letters of recommendation do you need for Boston College?

Three letters of recommendation: one from an academic or professional reference, and two from friends. It is necessary to send recommendation letters using the electronic medium.

Does BU require official transcripts?

The submission of official transcripts is not necessary as part of the application process. To complete the application process, all applicants must attach unofficial transcripts directly to the web application.

What do you need to apply to Boston University?

The criteria for applying to Boston University

  1. Prerequisites for applying to Boston University

How do I send my high school transcripts?

Your counselor should submit an official transcript on your behalf. It is recommended that the transcript be included to your school documents if the counselor submits them electronically. Otherwise, transcripts should be delivered directly to the colleges and universities to which you are applying. Please check with each admissions office for the specific address and procedure.

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How do I upload documents to Boston College?

You will be able to securely upload your papers to the Boston College Financial Aid Document Submission Site, which will be accessible only to Boston College students.

  1. The company’s address is 140 Commonwealth Avenue in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02467
  2. its email address is CONTACT BC
  3. and its phone number is 617-552-3300 or 800-294-0294.

How do I get my BC transcripts?

Please log in to InsideBC. Select MyBanWeb from the dropdown menu at the top of the page, next to your name. Transcripts may be seen by selecting View Transcripts.

Is Boston College religiously affiliated?

Boston College is a private research university that was established in 1863. Massachusetts’ Boston College, which is located just outside of downtown Boston and was founded by the Society of Jesus, has retained its Roman Catholic, Jesuit religious association over the years.

How do I contact Boston College?

Call the Boston College General Information Line at 617-552-8000 for more information on the college.

What GPA is required for Boston College?

Boston College expects you to be at the top of your class if you have a 3.96 grade point average. In order to compete with other candidates, you’ll need practically straight A’s in all of your classes. You should also have completed a significant number of AP or IB courses to demonstrate your capacity to succeed in a demanding academic environment.

Is Boston College or Boston University harder to get into?

Is it more difficult to get into Boston University (BU) or Boston College (BC)? Which school is the most difficult to get into? If you only consider the admission rate, Boston College (BC) is more tough to get into than other universities. On the other hand, according on the acceptance rate alone, Boston University (BU) is a more difficult school to get into.

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Does Boston College have rolling admissions?

For certificate programs and students interested in enrolling in specific courses, there is a rolling admissions deadline that can be met at any time. The application form and any relevant papers can be submitted at any time of the year, and a decision will be issued once the application form and all necessary documentation have been received.

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