How Long Is School Of Infantry?

Infantry Training Battalion is a 59-day training school that transforms incoming Marines into infantrymen who are “capable of fighting, surviving, and winning in a combat environment.”

How long does the School of Infantry last?

In the School of Infantry, depending on the school you attend, you may expect to be in training for anywhere from five to nine weeks.

How long is USMC Infantry school?

A 59-day course is required to complete Infantry Training Battalion (ITB). Combat Instructors are in charge of the mission, which is to train, coach, and assess Marines in the Infantry MOS who will be assigned to particular entry-level assignments.

How long is MCT training?

MCT is a shortened version of basic infantry training that takes place over the course of 29 days. Marine Corps Training is for Marines whose primary duty is not infantry (03xx).

What do you do in School of Infantry?

What exactly is it? Rifleman, Mortarman, Machine Gunner, Infantry Assault Marine, and Antitank Missile Gunner are just a few of the jobs that new recruits learn throughout this school. Marine School of Infantry training puts a strain on Marines’ physical and mental capabilities.

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Is School of Infantry harder than boot camp?

However, the easy sections of SOI are much easier than the easy parts of boot, and the difficult parts of SOI are exponentially more difficult than boot. That pretty much sums up what life is like in the naval fleet. Grunts make it appear as if they are superior to other Marines.

Do Marines go to school for infantry?

The School of Infantry is where all graduates of Marine Corps recruit training go after graduation (SOI). Training is conducted at Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) for all non-infantry Marines, whereas training is conducted at Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) for infantry Marines (all Marines having a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 03xx) (ITB).

Do you get weekends off in Soi?

Though, ITB (the infantry version of SOI) was significantly more difficult than boot. I cannot answer about MCT (the POG version of SOI), however. ITB was the most difficult thing I’d ever done in my life (until I hit the fleet of course, haha). It was a very different experience from boot camp. In addition, the DIs would make you unhappy and subject you to physical therapy.

Can you quit the Marines after boot camp?

If you have a moment of doubt after you have reported to boot camp, it is still not too late to change your mind. You can request an entry level separation as long as you are in the entry level period — that is, your first 180 days on the job. If you are successful, you will experience an unidentified discharge.

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Where do Marines go after boot camp?

Following boot camp, the next part of instruction is known as SOI, or School of Infantry. After completing recruit training, your new Marine is entitled to one day of travel and ten days of leave. If your new Marine wishes to report to SOI early in order to conserve time off, he or she may do so.

Where do Marines go after SOI?

After completing SOI, non-Infantry MOS Marines are sent to their MOS school, which varies in time, graduation requirements, and location according on their specialty. Once this is completed, all Marines are assigned to an organization with a Permanent Duty Station (PDS).

Is MCT easier than bootcamp?

Some Marines considered MCT to be a difficult experience, while others found it to be far less difficult than boot camp. After completing basic school, Marines go to specialized training tailored to their particular MOS before transferring to their permanent duty stations.

How long is Army infantry training?

Others said MCT was much easier than boot camp, despite the fact that other Marines thought it was difficult. Once they have completed basic training, Marines will go on to get specialized training in their field of specialization before being assigned to their permanent duty station.

How long is Infantry training at Singleton?

Not including weekends, the infantry course lasts 74 days. Please keep in mind that the length of the course may change depending on public holidays and other Army needs. Recruitment training is followed by the Royal Australian Infantry Initial Employment Training – ECN 343-2 Course, which is held at the School of Infantry in Singleton, NSW after completion of the recruit training at Kapooka.

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What is PDS in Marines?

Permanent Duty Stations of the Marine Corps A Permanent Duty Station is allocated to each Marine once their official training (boot camp, School of Infantry, and military occupational school) is completed (PDS).

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