How To List High School Education On Resume? (TOP 5 Tips)

Instructions on how to incorporate your high school diploma on a resume

  1. Make a section on your resume dedicated to your educational background. High school education should be completed following your college experience. Include the name and location of your institution. Include the date of your most recent or projected graduation. It may be worthwhile to share your grade point average (GPA).

Do you mention your high school on resume?

It is essential that you include your high school education on your resume if you are a high school student or a college student, a recent graduate with no job experience, or if you have a high school diploma as your greatest educational qualification. It is recommended that you remove your high school diploma off your resume once you have completed any other sort of further education.

How do you list school education on a resume?

What Should You Include in Your Education Section on Your Resume

  1. Your most recent degree (or education in process)
  2. your most recent work experience The name of your institution of higher learning. Your school’s geographical location. Dates of attendance as well as graduation date (or anticipated graduation date) Your field of study and degree major are listed below. Your grade point average (only if it is more than 3.5)
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Should you put high school on resume if no college?

If you are still in high school, have merely a high school diploma, or are in your first few years of college, you can add information about your high school years in your application. This information should be removed from your resume once you have completed any other sort of schooling.

Do you include high school on grad school resume?

Should a high school diploma or GED be mentioned on a graduate school application? No, you should not mention your high school courses and grades in your application. The education section should solely include information about your college experience. Including information about your high school experience in your graduate school application is permissible, and you can do it in your personal statement.

What is a high school diploma called on a resume?

Secondary diploma, high school diploma, or General Educational Development (GED).

How do you put 12th class on resume?

Please include the year in which you completed your 10th and 12th grade boards, as well as the grades (in percentages) you received. In all circumstances, please include your cumulative grade point average (CGPA). If you are in the first or second place in the class, or if you are in the top 5 percent of the class, you can state it. You might also mention whether or not you were named to the state or national merit lists.

How do I put high school on my resume if I haven’t graduated yet?

In the event that you haven’t completed your degree, what should you mention on your resume?

  1. Indicate the college you are attending and which degree you are seeking. Your chosen field of study. Current grade point average (if it is 3.0 or greater)
  2. If you expect to graduate within the next 12 months, be sure to provide your projected graduation date.
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Should you include high school on CV?

When should you include your high school on your resume? The option whether or not to include your high school diploma in your resume education section comes down to where you are in your life right now. You should include your high school on your resume even if you are presently enrolled in high school or college or have recently graduated from a similar institution.

What to put on a resume if you didn’t finish high school?

TIP #4: If you attended college but did not complete your degree, list the dates you went, your major, and the number of credits you earned toward your degree in your application. Following the college information, include the name of your high school. TIP #5: If you attended high school but did not complete your education, simply list the years you were enrolled.

What should I put on my resume for graduate school?

If you are applying to graduate school, your graduate school resume should include more information, such as your GPA, the title of your undergraduate thesis (if you have completed one), any honors or awards you have received, classes you have taken that are relevant to the program you are applying to, and relevant skills you have learned while in school.

How do you write a professional resume for graduate school?

Make use of the following recommendations to help you develop an excellent graduate school resume:

  1. Concentrate on education. Your graduate school resume should be focused on showcasing your educational credentials. Make a point to highlight your achievements.
  2. Design and format.
  3. Personal contact information.
  4. Education.
  5. Experience.
  6. Awards and achievements.
  7. Professional and academic affiliations.

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