Near A School When Children Are Present The Speed Limit Is? (Correct answer)

When traveling within 500-1,000 feet of a school zone while school is in session and children are in the vicinity, the speed restriction is 25 mph unless otherwise indicated.

What is the speed limit around schools?

According to the Vehicle Code, the speed limit in school zones is 25 mph unless a city or county decides differently and puts their own speed restriction signs in school zones. It is possible to have speed restrictions as low as 15 or 20 mph, depending on the local jurisdiction and the signs that are in place.

Why are speed limits lower near schools?

Reduce your speed for children’s safety. School zones with speed limits of 40 kilometers per hour (km/h) assist to safeguard children on their route to and from school at times and places where they are frequently in large numbers. The lower speed limit minimizes the likelihood of an accident as well as the severity of the crash.

Are speed limits suggestions?

Speed limit signs that serve as a warning Because the advisory limit is only a guideline, you are unlikely to receive a citation simply for exceeding it. A reckless driving penalty, on the other hand, may be issued if you crash or cause an accident while driving over the recommended limit.

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What are speed limit signs?

The speed limit sign is a type of regulation sign that must be obeyed. Speed limit signs are intended to express a legally mandated maximum or minimum speed at which vehicles are required to operate. Drivers are not permitted to violate the speed restriction indicated by the sign. A speed limit sign is a road sign that is rectangular in shape and situated vertically on the road.

Why do school zones exist?

School zones were established with the goal of ensuring the safety of younger pupils who walk home from school.

What is the importance of speed limits?

Speed restrictions are essential for traffic control, neighborhood safety, and the prevention of collisions in residential areas. Accidents and other risks can be avoided by adhering to a set of rules and regulations established by traffic control authorities.

What is the basic speed limit?

On several freeways in California, the maximum speed limit is 70 miles per hour. The “Basic Speed Law” states that you may never drive faster than what is necessary to be safe in the current circumstances.

Why do you think these places have enforced speed limit?

A speed limit sign is erected along the sides of roads and highways to inform vehicles of the maximum speed that they are permitted to go on that particular roadway. Speed restrictions are intended to improve safety by decreasing the dangers posed by drivers choosing the speed at which they desire to go on the highway.

What is the meaning of end of speed limit?

The speed limit sign will terminate with whatever numeric value was put on the road for that particular speed limit, which means it would return to the primary speed limit on a two-lane road, which would be 55 miles per hour, according to the expert.

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