Reasons Why School Should Start Later?

7 Advantages of Delaying the Start of School

  • Improved academic performance
  • longer, better quality sleep
  • more time to prepare a nutritious breakfast
  • reduced risk of vehicular accidents
  • less behavioral problems
  • improved physical health
  • reduced tardiness and absenteeism

Why schools should start later?

Why is it preferable to have later school start times? In addition to meeting the biological demands of teenagers, later school start times also enhance the quantity of sleep that adolescents receive. Other advantages of starting later in the day include: Attendance at school has increased.

What are three reasons school should start later?

There are three compelling arguments in favor of later school start times.

  • Adolescent health is greatly influenced by the amount of sleep they get. A wide range of physical and mental health disorders are affected by sleep habits.
  • Later school start times promote academic success.
  • Later school start times save lives—literally.

Why should school start later and finish later?

Dr. Nagel proposed that starting school later in the day — maybe as early as 10:30 a.m., to be more civilized — would allow them to get the most out of their slumber. As Dr. Nagel explained, “the majority of scientific evidence says that teens require nine to ten hours of sleep every night, and they are not receiving it.”

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Do schools that start later do better?

Graduation, attendance, and sleep all improve when schools begin later in the day. In addition to getting more sleep, the researchers discovered that having later wake-up hours was connected with grades that were 4.5 percent better. “This was a significant rise,” Dr. de la Iglesia points out.

Should school start later essay?

Students benefit from school starting later in the day because it allows them to catch up on lost sleep. It assists students in remaining out of trouble. Additionally, it enhances kids’ ability to study. In addition to helping children catch up on sleep, starting school later will allow them to be more productive.

Is it better to start school older?

Children that begin school at a later age do better than their younger peers, and they have a greater chance of entering college and graduating from a prestigious institution than their younger peers. Those are the findings of a new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research, which was published today.

Why do teens stay up late?

In adolescents, hormonal time shift causes their body clock to move forward by around one or two hours, causing them to become sleepier one to two hours later than usual. Despite the fact that teenagers tend to sleep in longer, early school beginnings prevent them from getting much sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation results from this regular accumulation of “sleep debt.”

Why school days should not start later?

Teenagers’ body clocks are shifted forward by one or two hours as a result of puberty hormones, causing them to feel sleepier one or two hours after the change. Although teenagers tend to sleep in longer, early school beginnings prevent them from getting a good night’s rest. Chronic sleep deprivation is caused by this nightly accumulation of “sleep debt.”

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Would a later school start time increase student success?

There are several advantages to starting later in the day, according to some. A variety of benefits will be experienced by the student body, including more sleep, greater academic performance, decreased dropout rates, improved mood, increased sporting ability and concentration, time to eat breakfast, and more!

What are the cons of starting school later?

Having a late start has its disadvantages.

  • The administrative and operational burdens on school districts will be significant
  • Time management gets more challenging when it comes to sports practice and extracurricular activities. Parents’ routines will be disrupted as a result of the late start time. Time available for after-school tutoring will be reduced if the school day begins later in the day.

How does starting school later benefit teachers?

The researchers discovered that: grades earned in core subject areas such as math, English, science, and social studies, as well as performance on state and national achievement tests, attendance rates, and reduced tardiness, all show a significant positive improvement with later start times, according to the findings of the research.

Why should school start later persuasive speech?

Making school start later will help children to get more sleep and have more time to do their schoolwork, as well as making the roads and traffic safer as a result of the later start time. The fact that school starts later is beneficial to everyone’s health is the first consideration to make.

How does school starting later affect attendance?

In December, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommended that school start hours be moved later in order to enhance sleep, prevent vehicle accidents, and reduce excessive tiredness. The American Academy of Pediatrics likewise advises that children begin school at 8:30 a.m. as the earliest possible hour. However, school policies have not changed at the national level.

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How school start time affects student learning achievement?

A number of empirical research on the influence of later start times on teenagers have discovered significant increases in academic performance and test scores. Students earn a 0.10 standard deviation boost in achievement (the equivalent of moving from a grade of B to a B+ on an A-F scale) in classrooms throughout the whole day when school starts one hour later.

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