When Does Ccisd Go Back To School? (Question)

The next school year will begin on August 10 and finish on June 1 in CCISD. The district will continue to provide year-round teaching to pupils, with eight days of intermission between sessions. In accordance with the law, year-round districts provide education for 11 out of the twelve months of the year.

Is Ccisd a good school district?

According to the Texas Education Agency’s 2019 accountability findings, the Clear Creek Independent School District outperformed the state average on all academic, graduation, and college and career preparation metrics for the second consecutive year.

Does League City have a high school?

Clear Creek High School is a public high school in League City, Texas, and is part of the Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD). Maroon and white are the colors of the school. Willie The Wildcat serves as the school’s mascot.

Who founded Ccisd?

History records that the first school was established in 1873 when George Washington Butler erected a one-room hut to serve as a school for his own children and their classmates from the surrounding neighborhood. John C. League, the city’s namesake, acquired land in the old town of Clear Creek in 1890 and set out to develop the area into what is now known as League City.

How many people attend Clear Creek High School?

It is home to 45 schools, 5,000 workers, and more than 42,000 students in the Clear Creek Independent School District. The district is comprised of two counties and thirteen municipalities in total. CCISD is not a school district that allows students to enroll on a rolling basis.

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What county is Clear Creek ISD?

CLEAR CREEK ISD is a school district in the city of League City in the county of View GALVESTON COUNTY. It is situated at 2425 E MAIN ST in LEAGUE CITY.

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